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AGE: – 18th – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Teak Wood Carving Ramayana Tales – Carved from one solid piece of teak wood

HEIGHT: – 89cm
WIDTH: – 37cm
DEPTH: – 29cm
WEIGHT: -13.15 Kg.
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Antique Burmese Teak Wood Carving Ramayana Tales – carved from a solid piece of teak wood showing a group of mythological figures. This carving depicts scenes from the beautiful Hindu love story from “The Ramayana”. The Ramayana is one of two great Indian epic love stories, the other being “The Mahabharata”, dating back to more than a thousand years.

The Ramayana tale is popular in Burma and is depicted in a variety of wood carvings, bone carvings and paintings. These mythological characters from “The Ramayana” are represented in almost all puppet shows in Burma.

Indonesia and Thailand have their own unique versions of these characters which is based on the original story with the core of the story still remaining the same. The Ramayana myth was introduced into Burma by Hindu traders and priests migrating and traveling through Burma and South East Asia nearly two thousand years ago.

The popularity of this tale is depicted in carvings and temples in India, Indonesia, Burma and Thailand as well as puppet shows and theatre.

The Ramayana story has been adapted and performed according to each of these cultures national traditions in plays, puppet shows and during religious festivals. The Burmese version of the Ramayana usually include Princess Minthamee and Prince Minta, the ogres Taw Belu and the mythological bird Garuda. In this carving Taw Belu is seen on the top with Princess Minthamee and the Garuda perched on the right side above the base. Prince Mintha is seen standing on the base of the carving with two nats, one holding an alms bowl and another ogre on either side. The poly chrome is significantly worn in this carving but still gives a hint of how colorful it once was.

Burmese Teak Wood Carving Ramayana Tales
Burmese Teak Wood Carving Nats and Demon
Burmese Nats and Demon teak wood carving
Burmese Teak wood carving Nats, Demon, Ogre
Burmese wood carving Nat Angel and Demon
Back view of Burmese Teak Wood carving of Nats and Demon
Antique Burmese Teak wood Carving of praying nat spirit
Antique Burmese Teak wood Carving of Nat
Antique Burmese teak wood carving Monkey with nats
Burmese Teak Wood Carving of four Nats
Antique Teak wood carving of Burmese nat spirits
Teak wood carving of Burmese Nat and Demon
Burmese teak wood nat carving #501
Antique Burmese Teak Wood Carving of Nats and Demon
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