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AGE: – 18th Century – more than likely earlier
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Shan Tai Yai King Buddha Statue – some gilding remains, lacquer on the body and base is chipped. Possibly the flanges have been replaced but not in recent times.

HEIGHT: – 74cm
WIDTH: – 29cm
DEPTH: – 20cm
WEIGHT: – 7.9 kg.
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18th Century or earlier wooden Burmese Shan Tai Yai King Buddha Statue with thayo lacquer decorating a five lotus bud shaped pronged crown. An impressive carved usnisha with a long pointed large finial are all one piece. This Buddha image is seen here wearing a simple monks robe with hand gesture in bhumisparsa mudra, a slight curve to his narrow lips, highly arched eyebrows and almond shaped painted eyes. Thick upper torso and arms and slim waist.

Metal ring on either side of the base were probably used for securing the figure in a temple or monastery. A hole underneath the base would indicate that there could have been some termite activity, none now, the wood has been treated and sprayed for termites as per Australian custom requirements. We think that the flanges may have been added later in the life of this statue. Frequently older statues were given new life by painting, gilding and other repairs.

This statue was more than likely crafted during the early Konbaung period when the crafting of a the royal king Buddha image took on a simpler form.

Although this statue has seen better days and not as decorative as many Tai Yai Art Buddha sculptures it has an impressive face and great proportions.

Burmese Shan Tai Yai King Buddha Statue
Burmese Shan Wood Buddha Statue 18th Century
Face Burmese Shan Wood Buddha Statue
Side view Burmese Wood Shan King buddha Statue 18th Century
hand gesture Burmese Shan King Buddha 18th Century
Base view Burmese Shan Buddha Statue
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