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AGE: 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Post Mandalay Burmese Seated Wood Buddha Statue on throne with Thayo Lacquer decoration
HEIGHT: – Base to top of throne 71cm – Buddha sculpture 62.5cm from base to to of head

WIDTH: – 39cm
DEPTH: – 25cm
WEIGHT: – 15.35 Kg.
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19th to Early 20th Century Buddha statue seated on a double lotus throne with his disciples praying in reverence to the Buddha along the front of the throne with two deer in the centre. This Buddha sculpture is representative of the Buddhas first teaching in the deer park in Isipatana now called Sarnath, near Benaras in India.

The Buddha is flanked at shoulder level with the head of the Burmese mythical creature known as Pyinsa Rupa. The Pyinsa Rupa is one of a myriad of mythological creatures from Burmese folklore, it is a combination of five animals: horse, carp, dragon, elephant and buffalo. This mythological creature is the official mascot of Myanmar International Airways.

The Buddha is seen here with Thayo lacquer decorating the front and edges of the robe and again in the form of a medallion on the back of the reredos which slots into the throne at the back.

This Buddha statue has been re gilded and painted in more recent times. He is seen here with hand gesture in dhyani mudra, the mudra of meditation. The hand overlapping the bottom symbolizes enlightenment whereas the hand underneath symbolizes the world of appearances, the hands in this mudra represent supremacy of the enlightened mind.

Burmese Seated Wood Buddha Statue
Front view Burmese Wood Buddha Statue
Burmese Wood Buddha Statue on Throne
Base Burmese Wood Buddha Statue
Back View Burmese Wood Buddha Statue
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