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Age: – Early 19th Century
Construction: – Sandstone
Description: – Early 19th Century Burmese Sandstone Buddha Statue – Wear to gild and lacquer, traces of gild still remain

Height: – 45cm
Width: – 30cm
Depth: – 15cm
Weight: – 13.70 kg.
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Early 19th Century Burmese Sandstone Shan Buddha Statue,  elegant and beautifully carved, the Buddha is seated on double lotus pedestal with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra, Touching earth “Calling earth to witness”, depicting the moment of the Buddha’s enlightenment. It would appear that the gilding on this statue has been intentionally removed exposing the red lacquer used in Burma for centuries as a base for gilding.

Ava Sandstone Burmese Buddha Statue - Toungoo DynastyWe haven’t come across many sandstone Buddha statues in the round in Myanmar, however, there are a few similar style statues at Po Win Taung Caves, a labyrinth of man made sandstone caves dating to the 17th century 25 kilometers west of Monywa, and to the north of Mandalay. Many of the statues in this cave complex also have this reddish coloured pigment on Buddha statues and underneath the wall murals.

Early 19th Century Burmese Sandstone Shan Buddha Statue
Burmese Ava Sandstone Buddha Statue
Side view Antique Sandstone Burmese Buddha Statue
Top view Burmese Antique Sandstone Buddha Statue
Bottom view Burmese Sandstone Buddha Statue
Back view Antique Burmese Buddha Statue
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