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AGE: – Early to mid 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, silver sequins, glass beads, thayo lacquer on head area, glass mosaics and beads
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Puppet Mythological Garuda Bird – A beautiful and highly decorative Burmese puppet depicting the mythological bird garuda – some glass beads missing from around the wrist and ankle.
LENGTH: – 95cm
WEIGHT: – 4.35 kg.
FOR PRICE PLEASE CONTACT – Include Item number underneath

The Burmese Puppet Mythological Garuda Bird in Burmese folklore is referred to as Galon or Nan Belu, also known as the city demon when presented in Burmese Puppet shows. Nan Belu is considered more powerful than his rival the forest ogre and usually plays alongside Taw Belu, also referred to as the jungle demon or forest ogre.

This Garuda is believed to be extremely strong and very powerful and is present as one of the one hundred and eight signs in the footprint of the Buddha referred to as Supanna-raja or Galon King.

The Garuda is symbolic not only in Burma but also in many other South East Asian countries and is depicted in a variety of ways. He is most often seen with the wings of an eagle on the upper body, whilst the lower part of the body takes a human form. Garuda typically has two or four arms, and his various adornments include earrings, anklets, and bracelets.

In mythology he is sometimes seen carrying in his hands either the emblems of Vishnu or the pot of Amrit (Sanskrit), or Amata (Pali), meaning immortality and is usually referred to as a nectar.

Alternatively when his hands are empty, they are held in the Anjalimudra, a pose of greeting typical of lesser deities. When Vishnu is mounted upon the back of the Garuda, two of Garuda’s hands support the preserver god’s feet.

Burmese Puppet Mythological Garuda Bird
Burmese Mythological bird Garuda
upper body Burmese Puppet Garuda
Front Burmese puppet Garuda
Face of Mythological Burmese Bird puppet known as Garuda
Bird like feet on Burmese mythological bird Garuda
Back view Burmese Puppet Mythological creature Garuda
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