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AGE: 19th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Palm leaf and wood
DESCRIPTION: – Palm leaf Paysar/Parabaik Pali Prayer Manuscript – very good condition, the outer edges of each page are gilded.

LENGTH: – 50cm
Height: – 17cm
WEIGHT: – 2.85kg.
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Large 19th Century Palm leaf Paysar | Parabaik Manuscript in excellent condition.

This type of manuscript is written in beautiful Burmese script in the Pali language and is used by monks in monasteries in Burma and Thailand to read and recite the rules and regulations of the Vinaya Pitaka, the Suttanta Pitaka containing the discourses, and the Abhidhamma Pitaka, the teachings of the Buddha.

The Paysar or Parabaik palm leaf manuscript is the most common type of manuscript in Burma and vary in the number of leaves.

These manuscripts are also referred to as Parabaik, some have hundreds of pages, whilst others others not so many. This type of manuscript is quite plain in comparison to the Burmese Kammavaca manuscript, which is usually covered in gold leaf with decorative outer covers and bold tamarind script on the inner pages.

Burmese Palm leaf Paysar | Parabaik Pali Prayer Manuscript
Burmese Palm Leaf Prayer Manuscript
Burmese Paysar Pali Manuscript
Wooden End Cover Burmese Pali Prayer Manuscript
Close view Burmese Script
Pali script Burmese Prayer Manuscript
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