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Burmese Mythological Nat Wood Carving

AGE: – 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Teak wood or hardwood
DESCRIPTION: – Good Condition

HEIGHT: – 60cm
WIDTH: – 41cm
WEIGHT: – 2.6 kg.

This Burmese Mythological Nat Wood Carving shows the connection to the influence of Hinduism in Myanmar. Many of the Burmese mythological figures are related to the famous Indian love story “The Ramayana”. The central figure is representative of a Hindu deity referred to as a Devi (female), the male is referred to as a Deva. The Devi is seen here holding a lotus flower and wearing as style of clothing seen in many Indian sculptures and art work with a crown, jewels and bare midriff.

Lotus flowers with scrolling stems and leaves surround the central figure of the Devi. The lotus is a sacred flower to the Buddhist and is one of the eight auspicious signs in Buddhism. The majority of Buddha statues and sculptures are seen either standing or sitting on top of a lotus flower.

This particular style of wood carving probably dates pre Mid 20th Century, there is a lovely iridescence in the finish which is not commonly seen in newer style carvings.

Burmese Mythological Nat Wood Carving

Burmese wood carving of Mythological Nat standing on Lotus flower
Burmese Teak Wood Carving of Nat Spirit #100
Top view of Burmese wood carving of Nat standing on Lotus
Mid Section Burmese wood Carving of Nat on Lotus flower
Close up view of Burmese Wood carving standing on Lotus flower
Back view of Burmese wood Carving of Nat standing on lotus flower
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