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AGE: – 19th – 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Marble Nat Riding Horseback – brown lacquer coating to base and parts of the body, small hairline crack on on ear of the horse, sword missing.

HEIGHT: – 48cm
WIDTH: – 46cm
DEPTH: – 16cm
WEIGHT: – 19.10 kg.
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Burmese Marble Nat Riding Horseback – One of the 37 Nats in Burmese folklore and myth known as Minye Kyawswa, the son of King Minkhaung of Ava whose fight against the Pegu King Razadarit to restore the Pagan Empire ended in defeat.

Legend has it, that after the fall of Pagan the kingdom broke up into various petty kingdoms after which two new kingdoms emerged. Ava in Upper Burma and Pegu in lower Burma. King Minhkaung (1401-1422 A.D.) ruled the northern kingdom of Ava whilst King Razadarit (1368-1421), the ninth King of the Hanthawaddy Pegu Kingdom ruled the lower part of Burma.

This marble carving is representative of King Minhkaung’s son Minye Kyawswa, born in 1391, he was a brilliant solder and took part in a campaign at the early age of thirteen. He led the life of a professional soldier and was known to be a hard drinker. He became the commander in chief of the Burmese army in 1409 and won a series of victories. In 1417 he was taken prisoner after being severely wounded and died shouting defiance with his last breath.

Burmese Marble Nat Riding Horseback
Burmese Marble Nat on Horseback
Burmese Marble face view
Back view Burmese Marble Nat on Horseback
Burmese Marble horse
Burmese Marble horse and rider
Face of Marble Burmese Horse
Burmese marble Horse rider 2
Lower half Burmese Marble Horse and rider
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