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AGE: – Post Mandalay art period 1885 – 1948
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Mandalay Wood Buddha Statue with glass mosaic, stone eyes and thayo lacquer decoration, gilded

HEIGHT: – 63cm
WIDTH: – 39cm
DEPTH: – 29cm
WEIGHT: – 10.5 kg.
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Very nice decorative Post Mandalay Burmese Wood Buddha statue with stone eyes, ornately decorated robe with glass and mosaics on both the front and back. Seated on single lotus pedestal decorated on the front with glass mosaics and thayo lacquer. Hand gesture bhumisparsa mudra “Calling earth to witness”.

It is likely that this Buddha statue has had some renovations and been re-gilded, It would appear to us that the base has been hollowed out in order to repair a couple of splits. This can be seen in the bottom picture where black lacquer paint can be seen inside the base, none the less this is a stunning Mandalay style Buddha statue and has been worthy of restoration, a beautiful old Buddha statue and highly decorative.

Burmese Mandalay Wood Buddha Statue
Antique Mandalay wood Buddha Statue - 19th - 20th CenturyCentury
Side View Burmese Mandalay Seated Buddha Statue
Face Burmese Mandalay wood Buddha Statue
Back view Burmese Mandalay wood Buddha Statue
Underneath Burmese Mandalay Wood Buddha Statue
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