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Burmese Mandalay Wood Alabaster Buddha Sculpture

AGE: – 19th – Early 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Burmese Mandalay Alabaster and Wood Buddha Sculpture, alabaster hands, feet and head. Glass mosaics decorate the whole body and pedestal
DESCRIPTION: – Age related wear – Thayo lacquer and glass mosaic decoration – glass worn and some missing, gild worn in places

HEIGHT: – 37cm
WIDTH: – 27cm
DEPTH: – 19cm
WEIGHT: – 3.8 kg.
PRICE: – AU$420.00
FOR PRICE PLEASE CONTACT – include item number below

Small Burmese Mandalay Wood Alabaster Buddha Sculpture in the Royal King Buddha style – alabaster hands, feet and head are all separate pieces. Hand gesture Bhumisparsa mudra “Calling earth to witness”,  seated on shallow pedestal.

The heads hands and feet are separate pieces. The head on this statue seems a little oversized for the body and would on its own make a great decoration if mounted nicely.

Burmese Mandalay Wood Alabaster Buddha Sculpture

Mandalay Teak Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue 19th - 20th Century
Side view Mandalay Teal Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue
Back view of Burmese Mandalay Buddha Statue
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