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AGE: – 19th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Teak wood and Alabaster
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 56cm
WIDTH: – 45cm
WEIGHT: – 13 kg.
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Burmese Mandalay Teak wood Alabaster Buddha Statue – also referred to as a Jambhupati style Buddha statue with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra meaning Subduing Mara or “calling the earth to witness”. Although this statue has sustained age related wear and damage it is an impressive statue  with lots of character and a strong presence.

Thayo Lacquer decorates the body both front and back in a fish scale pattern, floral motifs decorate the robe on the front of the pedestal, patches of gold leaf still visible. Damage to the back of the central part of the coat at the waist (see picture). Head: – left ear broken. (see picture) – Head is badly scratched and age related yellowing of the alabaster (see picture). Hands: – Fingertips chipped, one broken and repaired, hands scratched (see pictures). Feet: – Intact but scratched – Hands, feet and head are detachable. Has had some restoration.

The left hand lies in the lap in Dhyana mudra, palm facing upwards whilst the right hand is bent over the right knee with fingers lightly touching the ground.

This particular style of Buddha statue is referred to as a Royal King Buddha statue or Jambhupati style statue, it is commonly seen in Monasteries in the Inle lake area in the Shan State of Burma, situated south east of Mandalay and is often seen wearing a tiered gilded metal crown with flanges attached.

Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Alabaster Buddha Statue
Mandalay Teak Wood alabaster seated Buddha Statue 19th Century
Hand gesture of Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Buddha Statue- Bhumisparsa mudra
Damage to the middle section of the back of Burmese Mandalay Teak wood Buddha Statue
Cracked ear of 19th century Mandalay Burmese Teak Wood King Buddha Statue
Upper body view of Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Alabaster Royal King Buddha Statue
Side view of broken ear on Burmese Mandalay Teak wood King Buddha Statue
Back view of Burmese Royal King Alabaster and Teak Wood Buddha Statue
Base of Burmese Mandalay Teak wood and Alabaster Buddha Statue
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