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AGE: – 19th – 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, Alabaster, metal
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Wood Alabaster Crowned Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 78 cm
WIDTH:– 42 cm
DEPTH: – 30 cm
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Jambhupati style Burmese Mandalay Alabaster and Wood Crowned Buddha Statue with a seven tiered metal crown, wooden finial, metal side flanges, ear rings and regalia. Red, green and blue coloured glass mosaics decorate the body, crown and front of the pedestal. A Thayo lacquer fish scale pattern decorate the front and back of the body with a decorative scrolled pattern across the front of the base.

The image of the royal crowned Jambhupati style Buddha depicts a time in the Buddha’s lifetime when he came across the arrogant King Jambhupati, a king who terrorized those who served him and who lacked humility and compassion for his people. The Buddha on meeting him requested that King Jambhupati forsake his evil ways and instead practice kindness towards his people. Ignoring the Buddha’s request the King continued to terrorize his people.

The Buddha, in his efforts to change the King of his evil ways, one day magically appeared to him in resplendent royal attire. King Jambhupati was in awe of the Buddha’s appearance and from that day onward accepted the Buddhist precepts and became a devout Buddhist.

Burmese Mandalay Alabaster & Wood Crowned Buddha Statue
Burmese Mandalay Crowned Alabaster & Wood Buddha Statue
Top view Burmese Mandalay Crowned Buddha Statue
Bottom view Burmese Mandalay Alabaster & Wood Crowned Buddha Statue
Mandalay Back Crowned Buddha Sculpture
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