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Burmese Lacquer ware Hsun-ok Monks Offering Bowl

AGE: – 19th – Early 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Bamboo and lacquer
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Lacquer ware Hsun-ok Monks Offering Bowl – Body very good condition, gilding worn and faded with age and use.

HEIGHT: – 62cm
WEIGHT: – 1.85 kg.
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The Burmese Lacquer ware Hsun-ok Monks Offering Bowl is unique to Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. The art of making these lacquer bowls can be seen in Bagan in Myanmar Lacquer ware where there are many thriving workshops.

The lacquer Hsun-ok offering bowls are used in households for holding offerings to the Buddha on alters, the bowls are also carried by monks during their daily morning rituals of collecting alms.

Monks in many South East Buddhist countries venture out in the early morning to collect food offerings from their local communities in the bowl belonging to this type of container. Some Hsun-ok offering containers are extremely ornate, they are sometimes decorated with Thayo lacquer and glass mosaics and gilded, others are black lacquered and incised with mythological creatures, figures and astrological symbols.

Burmese Lacquer ware Hsun-ok Monks Offering Bowl

Base view Burmese Lacquerware Hsun-ok Monks Offiering bowl
Burmese Horoscope Hsun-ok Monks Offering Bowl
Inside view of Hsun Hok Burmese Monks Offering Bowl
Top View Burmese Hsun-ok Lacquered Offering bowl
Burmese Lacquer Ware Hsun-ok Monks Offering Bowl
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