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AGE: – 18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Jambhupati Crowned Bronze Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 35cm
WIDTH: – 25cm
DEPTH: – 15cm
WEIGHT: – 9.5 Kg.
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The Burmese Jambhupati crowned bronze Buddha statue wearing royal regalia, adorned with earrings, bracelets, necklace, armlets and waist band is representative of a story based on legend related to the meeting with King Jambhupati, a cruel and haughty monarch reigning during the lifetime of the Buddha. The Buddha, in his efforts to change the cruel and conceited ways of this haughty King created a magnificent city and a splendid palace complete with a white elephant out of nothing.

In his endeavors the Buddha then dressed himself in royal robes and adorned himself with jewels, after which he invited King Jambhupati to visit him. The Buddha then preached to him that worldly possessions were not important, and that spiritual attainment was much more important. On seeing the Buddha dressed in splendid attire, and impressed by the teachings of the Buddha, King Jambupati renounced his throne and became a monk. He eventually attained enlightenment.

The Burmese version of the Jambhupati crowned Buddha written in a report in the “Archaeological Survey” – Burma” for the year ending 30th September, 1955 and published in 1961 explains the existence of the Crowned Buddha. It is clearly stated in the “Maha Parinibbana Sutta” that the Lord Buddha did not adorn himself with the royal regalia, such as the crown, necklaces, rings, bracelets and such.

Burmese Jambhupati Crowned Bronze Buddha Statue
Front View Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue
Back view Burmese Bronze Crowned Jambhupati Buddha Statue
Close view Body Jambhupati Crowned Buddha Statue
Burmese Bronze Mrauk-U Jambhupati Buddha Statue
Crown view Burnese Bronze Antique Buddha Statue
Right Back side view Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue
Right Side view Burmese Bronze Royal Crowned Buddha Statue
Side view Burmese Bronze Antique Crowned Buddha Statue
Base Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue
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