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AGE: – 19th – Early 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Innwa Teak Wood Sitting Buddha Image -The left side corner and side of the base has been damaged (see picture)

HEIGHT: – 71cm
WIDTH: – 32.5cm
DEPTH: – 27cm
WEIGHT: – 14.15 kg.
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19th century Burmese Innwa teak wood sitting Buddha Image seated on a double lotus pedestal, with hand gesture in bhumisparsa mudra. This Buddha statue is flanked on either side by two carved mythological creatures of the Pyinsa Rupa.

Pyinsa Rupa is a mythological creature in Burmese folklore that show a creature with a combination of five animals, typically the elephant, horse, carp, buffalo and hintha bird. A floral decoration in thayo lacquer decorates the halo behind the Buddha’s head and on the edges of the Buddha’s robe and lapel.

Across the front near the base of the statue are two carved figures of a lion on either end with two seated nats in the centre.

This statue has been re-gilded in more recent times.

Burmese Innwa Teak Wood Sitting Buddha Image
Burmese Innwa Style Teak Wood Sitting Buddha Image
Side view of Burmese Teak Wood Burmese Innwa Seated Buddha Image #834
Base of Burmese Teak wood Innwa Buddha Image Early 19th Century
Back view of Teak wood Burmese Innwa Buddha Image - 19th Century
Back view of Innwa Seated Buddha Image 19th Century
Underneath base of Innwa Teak wood Buddha Statue 19th Century
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