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AGE: – 19th – Early 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Bamboo and lacquer
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Hsun-ok Lacquer Ware Monks Offering Bowl – An unusual Hsun-ok offering bowl comprising a set of bowls for a variety of foods or soup. Age and use related wear.

HEIGHT: – 43 cm
DIAMETER: – 40.5 cm
WEIGHT: – 2.75 kg.
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Burmese Hsun-ok Lacquer Ware Monks Offering Bowl, used traditionally to carry rice, condiments and curries, or other foods carried by monks during their alms collecting each morning. The monks do not beg for food and accept whatever is offered.

The practice of receiving alms not only helps the monks and nuns to be humble, but gives those offering the food an opportunity to give. In some countries it is common for people to take food to a monastery or temple to make offerings to the Buddha.

The Burmese horoscope seen in this Hsun-ok lacquer ware is based on the seven days of the week. There are eight zodiac signs (the extra one is for Wednesdays) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many of these animal zodiac signs are seen in the form of statues in monasteries and pagodas.

This type of Hsun-ok lacquer ware offering bowl would more than likely have belonged to a family and used for taking offerings to the monastery.

Burmese Zodiac symbols showing the eight animal signs:

The Burmese place a lot of importance on astrology and depending on his birth sign his personality and personal traits can be interpreted. The eight Burmese animal zodiac signs also have their corresponding cardinal point – north, south, east, west, north east, North West, south east and south west.

Burmese Hsun-ok Lacquer Ware Monks Offering Bowl showing the Eight animals of the zodiac

Burmese Hsun-ok Lacquer Ware Monks Offering Bowl
Burmese Lacquerware Hsun ok offering Bowl
Burmese zodiac signs on Hsun Hok offering bowl
Inside view Hsun Hok Burmese Lacquer ware offering bowl
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