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Burmese Hollow Lacquered Buddha Statue

AGE: – Recent a few years old
CONSTRUCTION: – Lacquer, glass mosaics, Thayo Lacquer
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Hollow Lacquered Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 81cm
WIDTH:– 45cm
DEPTH: – 37cm
WEIGHT:– 3.15 kg.
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An impressive and more recently made Burmese Hollow Lacquered Buddha Statue in the Shan style with large wooden finial.

This Buddha statues is heavily decorated with genuine antique glass pieces held in place by thayo lacquer across the front and top of the pedestal.

These glass pieces have probably come from an old piece of furniture which has been discarded. The coloured glass flower decoration with a plain white glass border follow the outline and lapel of the robe front and back, a single row of glass pieces decorate the forehead from ear to ear. The glass panels are held in place with thayo lacquer. Thayo lacquer is a sticky black substance derived from the tamarind tree and used to decorate many different art forms in Burma.

The traditional technique for crafting the Burmese hollow lacquer Buddha statues is a few hundred years old, it went into decline after the first quarter of the 20th century where production almost ceased. The manufacture of these lightweight hollow lacquer Buddha statue was a time and labour intensive process, taking up to three months for each statue.

There has been a revival in the crafting of hollow lacquer statues.

Burmese Hollow Lacquered Buddha Statue

Burmese Hollow Lacquer Buddha Hollow Lacqquer Statue Shan Style
Burmese Shan Style Burmese Hollow Lacquer Buddha Statue
Hand gesture Shan Style Burmese Gilded Lacquered Hollow Buddha Statue
Back view Glass mosaic Shan Hollow Lacquer Buddha StatueBuddha Statue
Side view Shan Style Hollow Lacquer Buddha statue
Burmese Gilded Lacquered Hollow Buddha Statue
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