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AGE: – Mandalay period early 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Early Mandalay Period Bronze Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 39cm
WIDTH: – 30cm
DEPTH: – 17cm
WEIGHT: – 7.4 kg
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19th Century Burmese Early Mandalay Period Bronze Buddha Statue seated in vajrasana (lotus position), with right hand calling “earth to witness” (bhumisparsa mudra), and the left hand resting on the lap. This Buddha statue is gilded with genuine gold leaf. A row of ruby red glass pieces decorate the forehead from ear to ear. A double row of glass mosaics in green, blue, red and white with decorative medallions decorate the edges of the robe, and is again repeated around the base of the pedestal. The eyes made from glass or ceramic.

The face on this Buddha statue shows a broad forehead and pointy chin with a thick torso, typical of the Ava and early Mandalay style Buddha statues. The usnisha on this statue is slightly more pronounced than that of the later Mandalay style Buddha statue which is less over shape but instead more rounded.
Mandalay is situated in central Myanmar (Burma), it was founded in 1857 by King Mindon, and was the last capital of an independent Burmese kingdom. In 1885 Burma was defeated by the British in the Third Anglo-Burmese War and was annexed by the British in 1886. The reigning King Thibaw and his queen, Supayalat were forced to leave Mandalay palace and were eventually exiled to Ratanagiri in India, where they remained. The Palace was renamed Fort Dufferin and became the British headquarters. Many of the palace treasures were looted and sent to England where they can be seen today in the Albert and Victorian Museum.

This is a beautiful bronze Buddha statue worthy of any museum.

Burmese Early Mandalay Period Bronze Buddha Statue
Burmese Bronze Mandalay Buddha Statue
Burmese Bronce Buddha statue in Bhumisparsha Mudra
Side View Burmese Early Mandalay Bronze Buddha Statue
Face view Burmese Mandalay Bronze Buddha Statue
Back view Burmese Early Mandalay period Bronze Buddha Statue
Base view Burmese Buddha statue
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