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Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue

AGE: Uncertain assuming 19th – 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 65cm
WIDTH: – 28.5
DEPTH: – 23cm
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Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue seated on a narrow waisted high pedestal, dressed in royal attire with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra. The usnisha on many of the the Arakan type bronze Buddha statue is normally quite large with a finial in the shape of a flame or lotus. The finial in this image deviates somewhat from the norm and would say this image is a Shan style Jambhupati. The usual complement of necklaces adorn the torso. In common with many Jambupati images found in Arakan or Shan state, the feet are placed right over left in the virasana position.

There are several versions of the story relating to King Jambupati, one of them is that the Buddha requested that King Jambupati forsake evil and asked that he practice being humble and kind. King Jambupati was unimpressed by this request.

The Buddha realising the total reluctance of King Jambupati to change his arrogant habits, the Buddha dressed in resplendent royal attire and appeared to Jambhupati, the King was so over awed by the Buddha’s appearance that he accepted the Buddhist precepts and become a monk.

Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue

Burmese Arakan Bronze Jambhupatti Buddha Statue

Face view Antique Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue

Head Burmese Bronze Jambhupatti Buddha Statue

Back view Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue

Antique Bronze Bronze Buddha Statue Bron

Back view Burmese Arakan Mrauk-U Antique Bronze Buddha Statue

Base Burmese Bronze Arakan Mrauk-U Buddha Statue

Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Buddha Statue
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