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Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue

AGE: – 20th Century – possibly older
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue – small amount of damage to the back of the head.

HEIGHT: – 54cm
WIDTH: – 29cm
DEPTH: – 18cm
WEIGHT: – 12.75 kg.
FOR PRICE PLEASE CONTACT – include number below

Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue seated on stepped throne with a beaded pattern decorating the edge of the pedestal. The Face shows a beautiful serene expression, highly arched eyebrows, eyes downcast, with earlobes touching the shoulders. The Buddha here is wearing a simple monks robe, with a rounded usnisha under a bulbous finial tapering upwards into a narrower pointed tip and peppercorn protrusions representing hair curls.

Very nice proportions on this Ava style Buddha statue with nicely shaped hands in the Bhumisparsa mudra, referred to as the earth touching mudra. It was during the Ava period that Buddhist iconography reached its peak of perfection from which the crafting of Buddha statues developed and evolved into a variety of styles which are uniquely Burmese, many of them referred to as the Ava style Buddha.

The Kingdom of Ava ruled upper Burma from 1364 to 1555 and was successor to the minor kingdoms of Pinya, Sagaing and Myinsaing of central Burma which followed after the fall of the Pagan Empire. Today there is very little remaining of the Kingdom of Ava, also referred to as Innwa or Yadnarapon or Yadana Pura. The ravages of war with the Shan and the Mon people took its toll on the kingdom, and it was eventually abandoned after a series of major earthquakes in 1839.

Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue

Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue

Head Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue

Hand gesture Bhumisparsa Mudra Bronze Burmese Ava Buddha Statue - Early 20th Century

Head Burmese Ava period Bronze Buddha Statue

Back view of base Bronze Burmese Ava Style Buddha Statue

Some scratches

Side view of Burmese Bronze Ava Style Buddha Statue 19th Century

Back view Burmese Ava Period Bronze Buddha Statue

Base Burmese Ava Period Bronze Buddha Statue

Burmese Ava Bronze Buddha Statue
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