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AGE: –  19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Ava Alabaster Antique Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 72cm
WIDTH: – 37cm
DEPTH: – 19cm
WEIGHT: – 46.1 kg.
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A beautiful classic Burmese Ava Alabaster Antique Buddha Statue, with intricate carving representing the robe and lapel seen draped over both shoulders. The Buddha image seen with the lapel draped over the right shoulder is referred to as a Pinya style. Pinya ruled central Myanmar from 1313 to 1365 but was eventually overtaken by the Ava Kingdom as were other smaller kingdoms within close proximity.

The Buddha is seen here with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa mudra “Calling earth to witness”, seated on a double lotus pedestal, a gentle smile and large bulbous gilded usnisha under a long pointed finial in the classic Ava style. Large earlobes extend outwards and down, touching the shoulders.

The Ava Kingdom was founded in 1364 and was the dominant kingdom ruling upper Burma until 1555. During the Ava period the creation of the Buddha image became extremely creative,  a wide range of different Buddha styles evolved during this period, heavily influenced by the people of the Shan state who consisted of a wide range of ethnic groups in Burma, sharing a border with China, Thailand and Laos.

Burmese Ava Alabaster Antique Buddha Statue
Burmese Pinya Style Antique Burmese Buddha Statue
Mid section view Burmese Antique Buddha Statue 19th Century
Front side view Burmese Pinya style antique Buddha statue 19th Century
Back view Burmese Antique Buddha Statue - 19th Century
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