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AGE: – 17th -18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Arakan Teak Wood Buddha Statue – Age related wear, Gilt worn with age

HEIGHT: – 102cm
WIDTH: – 39cm
DEPTH: – 20.5cm
WEIGHT: – 22 kg.
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Pre 18th Century Burmese Arakan Wood Buddha Statue with a tiered crown. Thayo lacquer and inlaid green glass mosaic decoration emphasis the outline of the robe and royal regalia. A large carved pointed finial sits on top of a tiered usnisha decorated with glass mosaics and thayo lacquer decoration around the forehead.

This Buddha statue is seen here with painted eyes and long earlobes extending to and touching the shoulders, seated on a high pedestal with the right hand hand gesture in bhumisparsa mudra, “Calling earth to Witness”.

The thayo lacquer around the crown is brittle through age and chipped in places (see pictures), age related wear to gilding. It is possible this statue was crafted in three sections as there are three distinct cracks indicating that it could have been made in sections.

Burmese Arakan Style Teak Wood Burmese Buddha Statue 18th Century
ide view Teak Wood Burmese Arakan Buddha Statue 18th Century
Face view Burmese Arakan Teak wood Buddha Statue 18th Century
Base view Burmese Arakan teak wood Buddha Statue 18th Century
Back view Teak Wood Burmese Arakan Buddha Statue 18th Century
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