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AGE: – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Amayapura style sitting Buddha with glass mosaic and thayo lacquer decoration, glass beads around front of hairline, traces of gild still remaining

HEIGHT: – 58cm
WIDTH: – 36cm
DEPTH: – 20cm
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This Burmese Antique Teak Wood Sitting Buddha Statue is from the Amayapura area in the Sagaing region of Mandalay. The Buddha’s robe and pedestal is decorated with thayo lacquer decoration, a thick resin derived from the tamarind tree. The hair curls are a little different to the majority of Burmese Buddha statues that show typically a bumpy peppercorn hair style, whereas the hair curls in this statue are in beaded rows. Medallions of coloured glass mosaics decorate the edges of the robe and tiered lapel draping over the shoulders, with a single band of mosaics outlining the lotus petals on the pedestal. White glass mosaics decorate the band across the forehead.

Amayapura also referred to as Amarapura, in Sanskrit Amarapura means “City of immortality”, was once the capital of Burma (Myanmar), but only for a short period of time. King Bodawpaya the ruling king at that time instigated the move to Amarapura from the then capital of Innwa in 1783, after brutally murdering his rivals, some of whom were family members. In 1823 the seat of government was again returned to Innwa briefly after which it was returned to Amarapura in 1841. The ruling King Mindon made Mandalay the last capital In 1857.

Innwa, now a peaceful and tranquil area shows scant evidence of its once vibrant history. There are very few remains of the old city as the palace was moved with the help of elephants to the new locale in Mandalay. The the city walls were later used for building railways and roads.

Burmese Antique Teak Wood Sitting Buddha Statue
Burmese antique teak wood Buddha Statue 19th Century
Head view Burmese Antique Sitting teak wood Buddha Statue - 19th Century
Side view Burmese Antique Teak Wood Buddha Statue 19th Century Bhumisparsa mudra
Back view Burmese Antique Buddha Statue 19th Century
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