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AGE: – Undetermined
CONSTRUCTION: – Andagu Stone
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele

HEIGHT: – 15.5cm
WIDTH:– 9cm
DEPTH: – 2cm
WEIGHT: – 450gms
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This Burmese hand carved Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele appears to be incomplete and was for whatever reason not finished. Across the bottom of the base there are a series of holes, on the left side below a kneeling devotee which we would imagine that medallions similar to those seen on the right side are missing and possibly a similar decoration was meant for the centre section.

The Buddha is seen here standing on a single lotus pedestal with the left hand palm resting over the heart in Mahakaruna Mudra, the mudra of “great compassion”. Underneath the pedestal two lion guardians flank the head of an elephant. Two future Buddhas are seated at shoulder level, one with hand gesture in bhumisparsa mudra representing the moment of enlightenment and the other holding a bowl, this Buddha is sometimes referred to as the medicine Buddha.

Two Bodhisattva stand with hands together in prayer above with two larger Bodhisattva standing in prayer on each side of the Buddha. The two seated figures on each side at the base represent the naga kings with a smaller devotee kneeling at the Buddhas feet and another standing.

This stele has some age to it but doubt if it dates to the Pagan era. There could be a myriad of reasons why it hasn’t been completed, Burma has gone through extremely turbulent times due to wars, civil unrest, earthquakes and the like.

Although this stele has been intricately hand carved, the devotees at the base on either side of the Buddha are not in the style of the Pagan era, it is also not as finely carved as this genuine Pagan andagu stone stele

Someone in reverence to the Buddha painstakingly carved this stele by hand with love and didn’t finish it, I wish it could tell its story.

Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele
Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele
Side view Andagu Stone Standing Buddha
Base view Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele
Back view Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele
Base view Burmese Andagu Stone Buddhist Stele
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