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Burmese Amarapura Wood Buddha Statue

AGE: – Early 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Teak Wood and thayo lacquer decoration with traces of gild remaining
DESCRIPTION: – Good condition, unusual Crowned Teak Wood Buddha statue

HEIGHT: – 59cm
WIDTH: – 22cm
WEIGHT: – 4.5 Kg.

Burmese Amarapura Wood Buddha Statue

Burmese Amarapura Wood Buddha Statue with Thayo lacquer decoration on the throne, robe and crown, seated on lovely high waisted lotus throne, an unusual crown with rings on fingers of both hands, gently smiling, hand gesture bhumisparsa mudra. Very nice patina on this piece.

Amarapura is a city near the Mandalay area, approximately 11 – 12 kilometres to the south of Mandalay. Amarapura means “City of Immortality”. It was founded by King Bodawpaya in 1781 and in 1783 it became the new capital. King Bodawpaya’s son King Bagyidaw moved the court back to Innwa in 1823.

Burmese Amarapura wood Buddha Statue

Head view of Burmese Amarapura Buddha Statue in wood 19th Century

Double lotus throne of Amarapure Burmese Wooden Buddha Statue

Back of Head of Burmese Aramapura Buddha Statue 19th Century

Side view Burmese Shan Teak Wood Buddha Statue

Back view of Wooden Burmese Aramapura Style Buddha Statue 19th Century

Base of Burmese Shan Buddha Statue 19th - 20th Century

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