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Side View Burmese Gilded Alabaster Monk Statue

Burmese Standing marble Gilded Monk Statue
18th Century
Height: 76cm
Width: 18cm
Depth: 16cm
Weight: 32.75 Kg.

Burmese Mandalay Marble Buddhist Monks 19th Century
Burmese Mandalay Period Alabaster Praying Monks 19th - 20th Century

Pair Burmese Alabaster Monk Statues
19th Century
Height: 44cm
Width; 14cm
Depth: 14cm
Weight: 15.5 Kg. each

Burmese Bronze Monk Statues

Pair Burmese Bronze Monk Statues
Height: 33cm
Width: 16cm
Depth; 24cm
Weight: 10.34 Kg.

Front Side View Burmese Marble Monk Statue

Burmese marble Monk Statue
18th Century
Height: 65cm
Width: 24cm
Depth: 12cm

Alabaster Inwa Crowned Praying Monk

Alabaster Inwa Crowned Praying Monk
Height: 55cm
Width: 23cm
Depth: 22cm

Burmese Alabaster Marble Monk Statues

Burmese alabaster marble monk statues are evident in most monasteries in Myanmar (Burma) and are a popular figure crafted by sculpturists and painters in Myanmar and Thailand. Materials used for crafting monks statues are bronze, wood, marble and those made using the hollow lacquer technique.

Those who enter into the monastic life in Myanmar to become monks do so because it is a family expectation for young men to have some spiritual education, whilst others do so voluntarily, to seek personal spiritual advancement and to become full time monks.

Many are taken into the monastic life as children due to hardship or loss of parents, whilst others enter at the request of their parents. For many it is temporary whilst other will stay in the monastic order for their whole life.

Theravada Buddhism is the main form of Buddhism practiced in Myanmar. Some monks will abandon worldly goods, or at least worldly attachments, and will eventually become a spiritual advisers to those in their community.

The role of Monkhood in Myanmar society



Burmese Alabaster Marble Monk Statues

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