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AGE: – Pre 18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Bronze Crowned Arakan Royal King Buddha Statue

HEIGHT: – 38cm
WIDTH:– 21cm
DEPTH: – 15.5cm
WEIGHT:– 6.1 kg
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Bronze Crowned Arakan Royal King Buddha Statue, seated on a two tiered square pedestal. A large decorative usnisha and pointed finial sits in the centre of a four lotus bud shaped pronged crown. This style is traditionally seen in the Jambhupati style from the Arakan/Mrauk-u region of Myanmar. The side flanges are attached to the crown with jewels hanging around the neck and large ear rings, rings decorate the fingers of the right hand, eyes are downcast, lips slightly curved in a gentle smile, hand gesture bhumisparsa mudra.

The royal king jambhupati style of Buddha statue was adopted by craftsmen throughout Myanmar and can be seen in a variety of styles made from wood, alabaster and marble and sometimes a mixture of both with metal pieces representing parts of the royal regalia, with glass beads and coloured mosaics representing jewels decorating the the robe.

Arakan is located in the mid north west part of Myanmar and shares a border with Bangladesh. Arakan also referred to as Rakhine State is separated from Myanmar proper by a range of mountains referred to as the Arakan Yomas and is separated from Bangladesh by the River Naaf.

The people of Arakan have their own distinct culture, dialects and style of Buddha statues. The casting of bronze Buddha statues in the State of Arakan (Rakhine) was heavily influenced by pilgrims from India and it was ruled by a line of Indian rulers pre dating Buddhism.

Bronze Crowned Arakan Royal King Buddha Statue
Burmese Bronze Antiqu Burmese Bronze Royal King Buddha Statue
Bronze Crowned Arakan Royal King Buddha Statue
Pre 18th Century
Height: 38cm
Weight: 6.1 kg
Side back view Burmese Bronze Crowned Buddha Statue
Crown View Jambhupati Bronze Buddha Statue
Right side view Burmese Bronze Mrauk-U Period Buddha Statue
Front side view Burmese Bronze Jambhupatti Buddha Statue
Burmese Bronze Mrauk-U Jambhupati Crowned Buddha Statue
Base view Burmese Bronze Crowned Buddha Statue
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