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Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue Ten Disciples

AGE: – Antique – Possibly 17th Century, no later than 18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Beautiful museum piece antique Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue Ten Disciples

HEIGHT: – 61cm
WIDTH: – 37cm
DEPTH: – Base 18cm
WEIGHT: – 15 kg.

Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue Ten Disciples

A beautiful and rare museum piece – antique bronze Burmese Buddha statue ten disciples, eight around the base kneeling in worship, with his two chief attendants/disciples Sariputra and Mogallana flanking either side of the body of the Buddha.

Expressive stone eyes with metal knobs representing hair curls. A central urna (symbolizing the third eye) on the forehead above deeply arched eyebrows. Hand gesture in Bhumisparsa mudra (calling earth to witness). Seated on a high thin waisted double lotus throne with a decorative flame finial on top of the usnisha. Adornments on the ears, neck and body with an incised pattern decorating the robe.

The left hand in Dhyana mudra is holding a Naga and a figure of a peacock is centred above the front of the base, a highly decorative and unusual piece.

Nagas are protectors of the Buddha and the peacock is a symbol of openness and acceptance. In Christianity the peacock is a symbol of immortality, in Buddhism they symbolize wisdom.

Would appreciate if anyone can translate the writing on the back of this bronze, it could date this piece more precisely.

Ten Eminent Disciples of the Buddha

1. Sariputra (Also Sariputta, Upatissa, foremost in wisdom)
2. Mogallana (Also Moggallana, Maha-Maudgalyayana, foremost in possessing
supernatural powers)
3. Katyayana (foremost in spreading the Dharma)
4. Subhuti (foremost in realizing emptiness)
5. Purna (foremost in debating the Dharma)
6. Mahakasyapa (Also Maha Kassapa, foremost in asceticism)
7. Aniruddha (Also Anuruddha, foremost in attentiveness)
8. Upali (foremost in upkeeping the precepts)
9. Ananda (foremost in hearing the teachings of the Buddha)
10. Rahula (foremost in esoteric practices and desire for instruction of the Dharma)

The Naga is a snakelike animal prominent in Hindu folklore. According to legend, the Naga once tried to harm the Buddha but was subdued and became one of the Buddha’s disciples and guardians.

Antique Burmese Bronze Buddha Statue with Disciples

Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue Ten Disciples

Mid back view of Burmese antique Bronze Buddha Statue

Face of Bronze antique Burmese Shan Buddha Statue

Top back view of Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue Ten Disciples

Side view Burmese shan bronze antique Buddha Statue

Hand gesture of Bronze antique Buddha statue with Future Buddhas on either side

Back view of Bronze Burmese Buddha statue showing future Buddha on either side

Bronze Burmese Buddha Statue Ten Disciples
Burmese Script on back of bronze Buddha Statue
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