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AGE: – Over 100 years
DESCRIPTION: – Brass Nepalese Buddhist Deity Kalarupa

HEIGHT: – 11.5cm
WIDTH:– 8.5cm
DEPTH: – 5cm
WEIGHT:– 350gms.
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Rare Brass antique Nepalese Buddhist Deity Kalarupa, a deity worshiped by both Tibetan and Nepalese Mahayana Buddhists. Kalarupa is the protector of the Vajra Vairab cycle of tantra referred to as the Dharma. He is protector of the higher training of wisdom and is one of three main Buddhist deity protectors.

The other deity Mahakala, is the protector of concentration and discipline, the third diety, Namthose is the protector of morality, he helps those to adhere to the Dharma. These three deities were the special protectors of Lama Tsongkhapa who lived between 1357 AD and 1419 AD.

Although this deity shows himself in an angry, ugly, wrathful stance his message is to show how we may appear to others when we are angry, jealous, hatefulness and full of negativity. Kalarupa is an emanation of Manjushri the destroyer of ignorance, helping in the growth of wisdom, and to overcome suffering, it is one of the most important deities in Mahayana Buddhism.

This deity is usually shown with the head of a buffalo with horns. A trident is held in the right hand and he is adorned with bone ornaments standing on top of a buffalo with a human form underneath lying on a lotus pedestal.Save

Brass Nepalese Buddhist Deity Kalarupa
Nepalese Brass Buddha of Wisdom Kalarupa statue
Back view Brass Nepalese Buddhist Deity Kalarupa
Face view Buddhist Nepalese Deity Kalarupa statue
Description Kalarupa Nepalese Brass Buddhist Deity
Description Kalarupa Nepalese Brass Buddhist Deity
Base view Nepalese Brass statue Buddhist Deity Kalarupa
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