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Borneo Dayak Hunting Knife Parang

AGE: – 19th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Steel, wood, rattan
DESCRIPTION: – Borneo Dayak Hunting Knife Parang – Age related wear

LENGTH: – 73cm
WEIGHT:– 800 gms


Antique possibly 19th century Borneo Dayak Hunting Knife Parang sometimes referred to as an headhunters knife with tribal motives and symbols on one side of the sheath, a bamboo piece on the length of the sheath also shows tribal motives and symbols, the grip is made from a tightly woven plaited bamboo or vine with a wooden animal like shape on the top.

This is the genuine article and not a tourist piece, age related wear in keeping with its age and use, blade is pitted in places with light rust.

Borneo Dayak Hunting Knive
Borneo Dayak Hunting Knive
Close view Borneo Dayak Hunting Knive Blade
Blade Borneo Dayak Hunting Knive
Woven Rattan Grip Borneo Dayak Knife
View Bamboo Pattern Borneo Dayak Scabbard
Decorative Bamboo Painted strip Borneo Dayak Knife
Carved figure top of Grip Dayak Hunting knive
Side 1 Pattern Wooden Scabbard Dayak Knive
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