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AGE: – Exact age unknown, not new and not a tourist item
CONSTRUCTION: – Cow or buffalo bone
DESCRIPTION: – Batak Bone Calendar Sumatra Indonesia

LENGTH: – 33.5cm
WIDTH:– Varies 15cm to 5.5cm
WEIGHT:– 30 gms.

PRICE:  AU$260.00CONTACT – include item number below

Antique Batak Bone Calendar Sumatra Indonesia – with symbols and symbolic imagery engraved on both sides with a lizard carved into both sides and a human head extending down into the carved lizard on one side. Traditionally buffalo bone was used, but bones from other animals were also used as well as bamboo. Not sure which animal this particular bone comes from.

Oracle bones were used among the tribes of Sumatra, Borneo and other ethnic groups in many parts of the world as an astrological system of predicting the seasons relevant to planting and harvesting or possibly a horoscope. Batak shamans referred to as datu would cast their eyes up to the night sky on the last moonless night in May. This marked the first day of the new lunar month and the first month of the New Year.

This bone calendar would more than likely have been used by a shaman or diviner to identify auspicious days of the lunar year influenced largely by the ancient Hindu tradition.

Batak Bone Calendar Sumatra Indonesia
Batak Bone Calendar Sumatra Indonesia
Batak Bone Calender
Top view Batak bone Calander
Close view Lizard Batak Bone Calender
Close view Batak Bone Calander
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