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Balinese Gilded Keris kris Hilt

AGE: – 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Brass & glass
DESCRIPTION: – Balinese Gilded Keris kris Hilt

LENGTH: – 14cm
CIRCUMFERENCE:– 15cm at widest part
WEIGHT:– 200gms
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A beautiful and decorative Balinese Gilded Keris kris hilt in the shape of a part human form depicting the guardian raksasa. Raksasa is a ferocious mythical being found in Hindu mythology, usually shown with two fangs and sharp claw like fingernails.

This Balinese hilt/grip is decorated with coloured glass stones and possibly other materials such as coral and gilded.

Balinese hilts are larger than most and more erect to accommodate the blade, given that the Balinese keris/kris blade is normally longer and larger than most and used for cutting and stabbing.

The hilt of a keris/kris can vary in shape depending on the region or country it is coming from, traditionally most keris/kris hilts are made of wood but many other materials such as ivory, brass, steel, silver, gold, fossilized mammoth tooth and shells are also used.

In Bali where Hinduism is practiced lifelike representations of men, gods, mythological creatures and animals are seen carved into many keris/kris hilts.

Sometimes decorative keris/kris hilts such these are used purely for display.

Balinese Gilded Keris Kris Hilt
Balinese Keris Grip Mythological Hindu Creature
Back view Balinese Keris Grip
Side view Balinese Keris Grip Mythological Hindu creature
Balinese Keris Grip Side view
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