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Side view Burmese Andagu Stone Stele

Articles Rare Andagu Stone Carvings from Burma/Myanmar – Thought to be made from a finely grained pyrophyllite Phylite (dolomite) stone in which the various scenes from the life of the Buddha are intricately carved.

The scenes carved into this beautiful ivory like stone vary from just one scene of the Buddha calling Earth to Witness with his right hand touching earth flanked by his two main disciples, to the more intricate and beautifully detailed carvings with the eight main events leading up to his enlightenment at Bodhgaya.

Some of the Burmese Andagu stone carvings have a further seven life scenes representing the seven weeks after his enlightenment.

Andagu stone Buddhist carvings are probably relics that were enshrined in stupas. Many surviving andagu stone carvings in existence today are in relatively good condition, possibly due to the protection offered by the stupa.

According to Claudine Bautze-Picron’s article on Andagu stone carvings it is still not determined where the stone originated from or where they were actually carved.

Images depicting the seven weeks after the Buddha’s enlightenment is a theme unknown in Pala art, but was popular during the Burmese Pagan period.

If these carvings were created in Pagan, then it made little sense for a pilgrim from Myanmar to convey it to India, hence, they were more than likely made in India for pilgrims from Myanmar, or, that the stone was carried to Pagan from India and carved in Pagan by Burmese craftsmen. There is some suggestion that the stone could also have come from China.

Articles Rare Andagu Stone Carvings

The meaning of the Scenes of the events

in the life of the Buddha

Rare Burmese Andagu Stone Carvings

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Articles Rare Andagu Stone Carvings

Close view Andagu Stone Central Buddha Statue
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