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Below are a some interesting articles About Buddhism in Myanmar.

Before King Anawrahta of Pagan took succession to the throne in the 11th Century many people in Myanmar were animists, believing in cult worship, Nats and spirits. After King Anawrahta adopted Buddhism he endeavored to stop his subjects from worshiping Nats and spirits and instead adopt Buddhism as their main religion. Realizing that Nat and spirit worship was entrenched in his people’s belief system, he made the decision to accept some of the more popular Nats.

Although Nat worship in Myanmar today is not as popular as it once was it is still widely accepted and one can find shrines and statues dedicated to the Nats in monasteries and homes in modern Myanmar, and coexists alongside Buddhism. A yearly festival on the outskirts of Mandalay is held each year to honor the Nats.

Articles About Buddhism In Myanmar

Who are the Buddhist Deities

Buddhism became the dominant religion in Burma (Myanmar) in the 11th Century when King Anawrahta of Pagan united the whole of Burma into one Kingdom and made Theravada Buddhism the national religion.

Buddhism in Myanmar

Myanmar or as it was formerly known Burma is one of the major countries that follow Theravada Buddhism today Buddhism in Myanmar gives a short history of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar…….

The amazing transformations of Arahant Theri Upplavanna

According to the now-ancient Pali-text commentaries written around the 5th century CE, the future Uppalava Ther was born into the family of a wealthy merchant of Savatthi (Skt: Sravasti). She was extraordinarily beautiful like the dark blue uppala lily after which she was named as a fulfillment of her past life aspirations as well as those of the Buddha to have such a disciple……

About Buddha – The Doctrine of Kaya (Trikaya)

The first point of difference between the Hinayana and Mahayana schools was noticed by the Sadharma Pundarika, that Buddha makes a show of his existence in the three dhatus and leads us to an examination of the question of the kayas of Buddha as conceived by the Hinayanists and Mahayanists…………

The Buddha of the Burmese – Legend of Gaudama

The ways to Neibban and notice of the Phongyies or Burmese Monks. This first complete edition was printed in Rangoon in Burma in 1858, a second and more enlarged version was written in 1866.
The Legend of Guadama is a large file, allow time for downloading.

Buddhism in the Modern World

Written in 2003 by Jacqueline I. Stone – Politics and the Issue of the Ordination Platform in Modern Lay Nichiren Buddhism.

Mudra In Pan-Asian Buddhism

A very nice illustrative presentation on the primary mudras of the major Buddhas by John C. Huntington

Stories from the Jatakas

A collection of stories from the Jatakas

The Role of Monkhood in Myanmar Society

This article written in 2008 by Sylwia Gil gives an interesting insight into the lives and roles of the Burmese Monk.

Articles About Buddhism In Myanmar

Burmese Buddha statues
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