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AGE: – 18th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Antique Shan Alabaster Seated Burmese Buddha Statue
DESCRIPTION: – Classic 18th century Antique Shan Alabaster Seated Buddha Statue with golden brown Lacquer and gild worn with age, traces of gild remaining

HEIGHT: – 57cm
WIDTH: – 39cm
DEPTH: – 13cm
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A classic 18th Century Shan Alabaster Seated Buddha Statue wearing  a golden brown coloured simple monks robe with incised lapel. Traces of gilding still remain with traces of pink on the tips of the fingers indicating fingernails.

The Buddha is seen here seated in Vajrasana position on a single lotus pedestal on a narrow plain base with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra, fingertips touching earth symbolising the moment of enlightenment when he called the Earth Goddess to witness this great event under the bodhi tree, and his defeat over the demon Mara and his army of soldiers.

This Buddha statue originates from Inthein area (Inle Lake) in the beautiful Shan state of Myanmar.

Antique Shan Alabaster Seated Buddha Statue
Alabaster Burmese Shan Buddha Statue 198th - 19th Century
Front side view Alabaster Shan Burmese Buddha Statue 18th - 19th Century
Shan alabaster seated Buddha Sculpture
Back Burmese Shan Alabaster Buddha Statue 18th - 19th Century
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