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Antique Marble Shan Buddha Statue

AGE:Early 18th – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Marble Shan Buddha Statue  –  Tip of two fingers on right hand chipped

HEIGHT: – 44cm
WIDTH: – 27cm
DEPTH: – 10.5cm
WEIGHT: – 11.55 kg.
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Antique Marble Shan Buddha Statue seated on a single Lotus pedestal with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa Mudra, with a large bulbous pointed finial sitting on top of a rounded usnisha. The Buddha statue is seen here wearing a simple coloured monks robe, with gold and red painted stripes indicating the lapel and edges of the robe.

The face and hands on this Burmese Shan Buddha statue are exceptionally beautiful. The robe, hair curls and finial have been repainted in more recent times as is not unusual for many old Buddha statues from Burma.

One of the characteristics of the Shan Buddha statue is that most of them have large finials, some are long and others bulbous. Depending on the areas in which they came from. The face of a Shan statue can vary widely in the shape of the face and eyes, the garments can be just a simple monks robe or highly decorated, such as the Tai Yai style with inlaid glass mosaics and gilded, similar to those of Thai origin.

The Shan Royal King Buddha statue adorned with jewellery, flanges and crowns, often made from bronze , show the finial rising into a flame or lotus bud at the tip with pronged flanges depicting the crown.  Of all the Buddha styles from Myanmar the Shan Buddha is one that has so many variations. This is likely due to the fact that the Shan state is the largest state in Myanmar and shares a border with China, Laos and Thailand which has played a large part in the evolution of the different styles.

Antique Marble Shan Buddha Statue
Burmese Marble Shan Buddha Statue 19th Century
Face view Burmese Shan Marble Buddha Statue
Hand view Shan Buddha Statue Bhumisparsa Mudra
Side view Burmese Marble Shan Buddha Statue
19th Century Burmese Shan Marble Buddha Statue
Side view Burmese Marble Shan Marble Buddha Statue
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