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AGE: – 18th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Marble Burmese Monk Statue – Gilding worn and scratched, marble discoloured in places

HEIGHT: – 65cm
WIDTH:– 24cm
DEPTH: – 12cm
WEIGHT:– 18 kg.
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18th Century antique Marble Burmese Monk Statue standing holding an alms bowl standing on a plain pedestal. Buddhist Monks are followers of the Buddha and his teachings (the Dharma). The monks reside in monastery’s or accommodation within the monastery compound. Early each morning in Buddhist countries such as Thailand and Burma the monks leave their monastery to collect alms (food) for the day.

The moral code of a monk is called Vinaya, there are two hundred and twenty seven rules that they should respect. Although monks are highly respected, this respect is not necessarily directed towards the individual but to the robe he wears which is regarded as the symbol of the Buddha.

In Myanmar culture monks are first in the hierarchy of respect, secondly parents, and thirdly teachers. In Burma many young men enter into monk-hood for a short period of time whilst others enter between the age of seven and fourteen years old, often these young monks are orphans or from poorer families, entering into the monastery as a monks offers them a form of education and discipline. Some men in later life choose to become temporary monks entering into the monastery for reasons such as meditation, seclusion or to gain merit.

Monks of Burma

Antique Marble Burmese Monk Statue
Front Side View Burmese marble Monk Statue
Front view Burmese Marblke Monks statue with begging bowl
Antique Marble Burmese Monk Statue
Back view Antique Marble Burmese Monk Statue
Left side view Antique Marble Burmese Monk Statue
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