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AGE: – 19 – 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Marble Buddha Statue and Four Monks – age related wear to lacquer and small chips.

HEIGHT: – Buddha statue 55cm, Monk statues ranging in height from the tallest at 57cm – the smallest 49cm
WEIGHT: – Buddha 11 kg. – Monks varying in weight from 11 kg. to 12.15 kg.
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A striking set of Antique Marble Buddha Statue and Four Monks, beautifully carved with flowing robes in the Mandalay style.

In Burma you will see monks everywhere you go, there are hundreds of monasteries all over Myanmar. Every Burmese boy has a duty to enter the monastery for a period of time and can do so for short periods throughout his lifetime.

Some at an earlier age or later in life decide to devote their lives to the teachings of the Buddha and become fully fledged monks, others regarded as a temporary monks will enter the monastery for a short period of time for contemplation and meditation.

Monks also act as advisors and counselors to those who seek advice on family matters, business, relationships and the like.

Antique Marble Buddha Statue Four Monks
Burmese alabaster Monk Statues
Back View of Burmese Alabaster Buddhist Monk Statues Mandalay Style
Side view of Burmese Buddhist Monk Statues Mandalay Style 20th Century

The Role of Monk hood in Contemporary Myanmar Society – written by Sylwia Gil, Specialist on S. E. Asia and Theravada Buddhism.

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