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AGE: – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Burmese Mandalay Crowned teak wood Buddha statue with glass eyes, thayo lacquer, gild and glass mosaic decoration.

HEIGHT: – 64cm
WIDTH: – 39cm
DEPTH: – 27cm
WEIGHT: – 10 kg.
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This is a stunning and beautiful Burmese antique Mandalay crowned teak wood Buddha Statue of museum quality, dressed in royal regalia with a rosette of white glass beads depicting jewels in the centre back and front of the body, a seven tiered crown decorated with thayo lacquer and inlaid glass representing the eyes. Thayo lacquer decorates the pedestal with a scrolling pattern to resemble lotus flowers.

The body is heavily decorated with thayo lacquer in a diamond shaped pattern with an inlaid glass mosaic within each diamond and fully gilded. A double row of flanges with thayo lacquer decoration decorate the shoulder. This style of Buddha incorporates some of the Arakan and Shan style statues with large earnings and tiered crown.

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Antique Mandalay Crowned Teak Wood Buddha Statue
Burmese antique Mandalay Crowned Buddha Statue 19th - 20th Century
Front mid section view of Crownd Mandalay Buddha Statue 19th - 20th Century
Face view of Mandalay Crowned Teak Wood Buddha Statue 19th - 20th Century
Back mid section Mandalay antique crowned teak wood Buddha statue
Back view of Burmese Crowned Mandalay Antique teak wood Buddha Statue
Base of Mandalay antique wood Buddha statue 19th - 20th Century
Tai Yai Art - Shan Wooden Burmese Buddha Statue 18th - 19th Century
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