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Antique Malay Keris Kingfisher carved Grip

AGE: – Over 100 years
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood & metal
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Malay Keris Kingfisher intricately carved Grip

LENGTH: – 55cm
WEIGHT: – 500gms.
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Antique Malay Keris Kingfisher carved Grip with intricate Hilt in the shape of the kingfisher bird beak with a wavy 9 luk blade, originating from the north-eastern part of Malaysia.

The origins of this type of Kris according to Malay legend has it that a group of Malays from the Bugis Islands invaded a small part of the Peninsula many centuries ago. One of the leaders of this group was known as “Kingfisher”. The initial invasion was successful, but the leader was killed in one of the last engagements. After his death his followers in honor of his memory carved their keris handles into shapes resembling the Kingfisher’s head and beak.

The edge of the blade nearest to the hilt on one side is similar to an elephant trunk and the other side flares out into a sharp point with carved jagged edges is referred to as janggut and originally designed to catch an opposing blade. The elephant like trunk on the top of the blade is thought to be a symbol of strength and power and considered lucky and is almost always found on the blunt side of the ganja.

The ornately carved grip of the kingfisher keris is thought to to have evolved and influenced by the carving styles of Chinese immigrants into Malaysia.

According to the Malay tradition an ordinary keris was made from two kinds of iron, whereas a good keris was made of seven kinds of metal. According to Malay history Hang Tuah who lived in Malacca was a legendary warrior and hero during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah in the 15th century, he was thought to have possessed a keris with twenty kinds of metal.

Antique Malay Keris Kingfisher carved Grip
Malay keris carved Kingfisher Grip side 2
Malay Keris Kingfisher carved Grip wavy Blade
Close view Malay Wavy Bladed Keris
Malay Keris carved Kingfisher Grip
Malay Kingfisher wavy bladed keris
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