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AGE: – Pre 20th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood, steel, silver bands
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Malay | Indonesian Executioner’s Sword

LENGTH: – 67cm
WEIGHT: – 350gms.
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Pre 20th Century Antique Malay or possibly Indonesian Executioner’s Sword with long narrow wooden scabbard with a nicely grained hilt and grip made from different types of wood. The boat shaped hilt is seen in many traditional Malay Keris since they were a race of sea-farers’ and fond of their boats.

The hilt has a decorative floral motif carved into both sides and the mendak seen on many keris’ is possibly missing, not sure. The silver engraved bands around the top, middle and bottom of the sheath are more than likely later replacements for the original bands.

The book “The Kris and other Malays weapons by Gerald B. Gardner” described how this type of keris was used. It describes how the victim was made to squat whilst the executioner drove the blade into his heart from a point inside the collar bone, either quickly or slowly according to the sentence imposed on the victim. During G. Gardner’s time in the Far East he studied Malay religion and magic and collected more than 400 Malay weapons which led to the publication of his book.

The full text of this book

Antique Malay | Indonesian Executioner's Sword
Indonesian Exececutioners Keris Sword
Malay Indonesian Executioners Keris Sword
Close View Scabbard Malay Indonesian 19th Century Keris Panjang
Grip View Indonesian Malay Kris Panjang Executioners Sword
Side 2 Hilt View Indonesian Malay Keris Panjang Executioners Sword
Side 2 Carving On Malay Keris Sword Hilt
Side View Carving On Malay Sword Kris
Blade View Indonesian Malay Keris Panjang
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