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Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead

AGE: – Exact age unknown estimate more than 200 years
CONSTRUCTION: – Iron and Nickel  (Casing approx. 32 years old Narra Wood)
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead

LENGTH: – 79cm including wood casing
GRIP: – 45cm
WEIGHT: – 700gms
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Antique three luk Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead from Indonesia. This particular keris style spear head was highly likely used in warfare or hunting rather than for decorative purposes, the two edges on both sides of the spear are thin and show signs of age.

The shaft of the spear is mounted into a tapered wooden grip with a sheath made to fit the spear. Both pieces are made from Narra wood, also known as Golden Narra and commonly referred to as rosewood, although not a true rosewood. This wood is derived from the Pterocarpus Indus species of tree commonly found in Africa and South East Asia. The burl (knots) in the wood of the Narra tree are also referred to as Amboyna Burls, it is a particularly beautifully grained wood which is used as a veneer for musical instruments and in furniture. When polished it has a spectacular shimmery satin appearance.

Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead
Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead from Indonesia.
Side 2 wavy Three luk Javanese Keris spearhead
Grip view Narra wood Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead from Indonesia.
Three luk Javanese wavy bladed Spear head
Javanese Wavy Bladed three luk Spearhead - wooden sheath & Grip
Sheath view Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead from Indonesia
Indonesian Javanese Antique Wavy Blade Spearhead
Antique Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead from Indonesia.
Beautifully grained Narra Wood, Indonesian Sheath and Grip

The wood of the sheath and the grip has been carefully chosen to complement each other. The sheath shows a burly grain whilst the grip housing the blade spear made from the same type of wood has a smooth ringed appearance which is also seen near the top the sheath. A circle of brass encloses both the end and top of the grip with a round finial on the end of the grip.

This three luk hand forged wavy keris style spear head is considered to be quite old, more than two hundred years and likely older. The casing in which the spear head is mounted is relatively new approximately 32 years. The blade at the widest part begins with three original solid iron ribs circling the grip end of the shaft.

In Indonesia some old keris blades were forged using meteoric iron, these keris are highly valued in Indonesia for their celestial origins as coming from heaven and collectors.

The majority of meteoritic nickel iron was taken from the Prambanan meteorite located in central Java. According to a paper written by the European Meteoritical Society it has been common knowledge since 1784 that the Prambanan meteorite was a source for meteoritic nickel-iron. Some blades were also made by adding meteoritic nickel-iron to terrestrial iron.

We have no idea if this piece could be one with this mixture. The pamor on this spear head certainly demonstrates the workmanship of a highly skilled Empu of the time.

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