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Antique Indonesian Madura Keris Arabic Script

AGE: – 19th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Wood and Steel
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Indonesian Madura Keris Arabic Script

LENGTH: – 54cm
WEIGHT:– 450gms


A good quality Antique Century Indonesian Madura Keris / Kris with gilded Arabic Script on both sides of the blade. The Hilt and sheath show a nice soft sheen with a darker grained pattern. The Arabic script running down the blade is probably a prayer to Allah, maybe asking for protection, good luck etc.

The keris / kris in several parts of Asia, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia holds a special significance, almost all men in Malaysia and Indonesia would possess a family keris (kris). The blade of a keris holds special religious and mythological meaning.

The method used in creating the pamor (blade pattern) was discovered accidentally around the 8th century. It was found that mixing several different metals together caused a chemical reaction which resulted in various patterns on the blade called “pamor”. These patterns are symbolic and thought to give significant supernatural powers to the keris/kris itself and to the owner of the keris.

Antique Indonesian Madura Keris Arabic Script

Indonesian Madura Keris Arabaic Script

Indonesian Keris/Kris

Indonesian Madura Keris /kris

Indonesian Madura keris

Antique Indonesian Madura keris / kris

Antique Indonesia Madura keris / kris

Indonesian antique keris /kris

Indonesian Antique Madura Keris/kris

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