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AGE: – 17th – 18th Century
CONSTRUCTION: – Iron blade with Wooden scabbard
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Indonesian Javanese Spearhead

BLADE LENGTH: – 31.5cm
WEIGHT:– 450gms
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Antique Indonesian Javanese Spearhead or dagger with a wooden scabbard. The pamor on this wavy 10 luk spearhead or dagger (tombak dapur) has been hand forged in a similar fashion to the Indonesian Keris/kris. The wooden scabbard with a plaited ring around the top once had a pattern painted on the outside, now worn with age.

This particular type of spearhead or dagger would more than likely have been made for utilitarian use or as a weapon.

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Antique Indonesian Javanese Spearhead
Close view Blade Indonesian Wavy Bladed Spear
Indonesian Wavy Bladed Spear in Wooden Sheath
Indonesian Wavy Bladed Spear with Wooden Sheath
Wavy Bladed Spear from Indonesia
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