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Antique Chinese Antique Brass Incense Burner

AGE: –  Unknown
DESCRIPTION: – Chinese Antique Brass Incense Burner

HEIGHT: – 44cm
WIDTH:– 40cm
WEIGHT: – 4.25kg
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A highly decorative Antique Chinese Brass Incense Burner, possibly used in a Chinese temple or home.

The scene comprises of the eight immortals venerated as a group in Taoism. Some with historical reference, others referenced in Chinese myth and legend dating back to the Tang dynasty.

The eight immortals represent powers which transcend those of an ordinary human. It is believed that they can control others, have gifts of healing, are capable of extraordinary physical feats and the ability to forecast the future.

In the Taoist tradition the eight immortals are highly revered and worshiped, and considered a source of inspiration.

Antique Chinese Brass Incense Burner

Antique Chinese Incense Burner
Top view Wings spread Chinese Antique Brass Incense Burner
Close view Chinese Brass Incense Burner
Front view top section Chinese Brass Incense Burner
Decorative figures - Chinese Antique Brass Incese Burner
Side two Decorative figures Chinese Incense Burner
Holes on bottom of Chinese incese burner
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