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AGE: – Precise age uncertain more than likely Late Ming to Early Qing Dynasty
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Ceramic Vase Salamander Bat Decoration – Very good condition

HEIGHT: – 11cm
BASE DIAM: – 6cm
WEIGHT:– 500gms
FOR PRICE PLEASE CONTACT – include number underneath:

A beautiful green glazed late Ming or early Qing Dynasty Antique Ceramic Vase Salamander Bat Decoration. Salamanders and bats are a common feature or motif used to decorate Chinese pottery, porcelain, furniture, carvings and paintings for centuries.

The significance of the Salamander and the bat in Chinese mythology and folklore is rooted in the traits that each of these creatures posses. In Chinese mythology the Salamander is associated with fire and the symbols of Yin and Yang are thought to have come from two Giant Salamanders harmoniously intertwined.

The Salamander is considered the worlds biggest Amphibian and is a relic from the dinosaur age. The largest Salamanders are found in the waters in and around China. Currently these creatures are close to extinction due to loss of habitat and their use in Chinese medicine. The Salamander is also considered a delicacy in China.

Bats are also seen in many Chinese art forms, they were extremely popular during the Manchu period (Qing Dynasty). Bats like the Salamander decorate almost any kind of decorative object in China and are considered a symbol of longevity and happiness. Bats are a highly auspicious symbol and are thought to embody the male traits whilst fruits and flowers the female traits.

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