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Antique Burmese Wood Carving Buddha’s Life Story

AGE: – Unknown – Possibly 19th – Early 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Burmese Wood Carving Buddha’s Life Story – scenes from the life of the Buddha

HEIGHT: – 106cm
WIDTH: – 60cm
DEPTH: – Varying degrees of thickness up to 7cm
WEIGHT: – 21.25 kg.
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Antique Burmese Wood Carving Buddha’s Life Story – A rare and large beautifully detailed and intricately hand carved wooden stele. The central figure of the Buddha is seen here seated on a double lotus pedestal supported by two Naga Kings and flanked on either side by Bodhisattva’s (future Buddha’s). The hand Mudra with the right-hand touching earth is representative of the moment of the Buddha’s enlightenment underneath the bodhi tree in Bodhgaya when he called the demon Mara to bear witness.

The Central Buddha figure seen here is surrounded by scenes illustrating the main great events from his mother giving birth and leading up to his enlightenment (central figure), with the Buddha in parinirvana (dying), lying on a couch surrounded by his disciples before entering into nirvana. The two-tiered base show scenes encountered by the Buddha during his lifetime, with the top tier depicting the animals that were meaningful in the life stories of the Buddha.

Other scenes on either side of this wooden carving represent the seven weeks following his enlightenment and scenes from his previous incarnations, similar to the small Pagan bronze and andagu stone stelae dating from the 11th – 13th Century, but on a much larger scale and with more life scenes.

It is rare to find a carving in such detail depicting many of the great events in the life of the Buddha

Burmese Carving showing scenes from life of Buddha #18
Side view Burmese wood carving life of Buddha
Side front view Burmese Carving Buddhist scenes
Central figure of Buddha in Burmese carving showing scenes from Buddha's life
Bottom view of Burmese carving scenes from the life of Buddha
Burmese Wood Carving Buddhist Iconography
Back view of Buddha carving
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