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AGE: – 20th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Buddha Statue. Base is damaged on one side and is a bit wobbly. This piece would have undergone some restoration judging by the thick coating of red lacquer.

HEIGHT: – 91cm
WIDTH: – 33cm at widest part
WEIGHT: -10.4 Kg.
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Antique Burmese Mandalay Teak wood Buddha statue standing on a single lotus pedestal showing the right hand in Abhaya Mudra with the left hand in Verada Mudra. a row of green mosaics and plain glass beads with a central medallion decorate the forehead extending towards the top of the ears and stone eyes. These mudras are most often used whenever blessings are being offered, it is also the gesture of charity for fulfilling all wishes, also called the gesture of renunciation and the gesture of fearlessness.
The gesture of generosity Verada Mudra is usually made with the palm facing outwards with all the fingers extended downwards. It also represents ‘open-handed’ generosity as charity or the granting of wishes. This mudra can sometimes be shown with the right hand, but is more often indicated with the left hand when the abhaya mudra and the varada mudra are combined. The right hand makes the fearless gesture of abhaya and the left hand is in wish-granting varada.

Antique Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Buddha Statue
Burmese Mandalay Teak wood Buddha Statue
Head view of Burmese Mandalay Teak Wood Buddha Statue
Side view of Burmese Teak wood Mandalay Buddha Statue
Burmese Teak Wood Mandalay Buddha Statue
Base of Mandalay Teak wood Buddha Statue #126
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