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Antique Burmese Arakan Wood Buddha Statue

AGE: – Between 200 and 300 years
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Burmese Arakan Wood Buddha Statue on high throne with glass mosaics decorating the base, poly chrome worn with age.

HEIGHT: – 58cm
WIDTH: – 31cm
DEPTH: – 20cm
WEIGHT: – 7.7 Kg.
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17th – 18th Century Antique Burmese Arakan Wood Buddha Statue originating from Rakhine State, north west Myanmar.

An impressive old wooden Buddha statue with a tall rounded usnisha, with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa mudra. A double row of coloured glass mosaics decorate the front and sides of the pedestal with age related wear. Scrolls of thayo lacquer decorate the edges of the robe and again decorate the head to represent hair curls.

This lovely old Buddha statue shows a black resin coating under a poly chromed layer which is worn in places, traces of gild still remain.

Burmese Antique Mandalay Tai Yai Buddha Statue
Back Antique Burmese Teak Wood Mandalay Yai Tai Buddha Statue
Side view Mandalay Teak Wood Tai Yai Buddha Statue
Antique Mandalay Tai Yai Teak Wood Buddha Statue
Base Mandalay Tai Yai Style Buddha Statue
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