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AGE: – 19th Century
DESCRIPTION: – Antique Burmese Alabaster ShweBo Alabaster Buddha Statue – gilded Royal King Buddha

HEIGHT: – 50.5cm
WIDTH: – 34cm
DEPTH: – 16cm
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19th Century Antique Burmese Alabaster ShweBo Buddha Statue dressed in royal regalia with rings on the fingers of both hands. The tiered crown is flanked by ornately carved flanges, large medallion style earrings decorate the lobes of each ear and seated on a double lotus pedestal. Age related wear to lacquer and gild. Hand gesture Bhumisparsa Mudra.

This Buddha from the Shan state of Burma is the largest state in Myanmar and is home to many different ethnic groups, it shares a border with Thailand in the south, China to the north and Laos to the east.

Many Shan Buddha statues are seen dressed in the royal king Buddha or Jambhupati style, highly decorated with decorative crowns, royal regalia, jewels, large earrings and rings on the fingers, similar to the highly ornamental Tai Yai Buddha Statues, with a distinctively Thai influence, whilst others can be seen dressed in a simple monks robe. Most Shan Buddha Statues are seen seated in the lotus position with hand gesture in Bhumisparsa mudra or Abhaya mudra.

Buddha statues in Burma are an important visual object that give a sense of ethnic identity. It is believed by the Buddhist in Burma that facing a Buddha image is akin to being in the presence of the Buddha himself, many of these old images have been consecrated and are more than just a lifeless image and are considered to be sacred.

Burmese Shwe Bo Alabaster Buddha Statue dressed in royal regalia, rings and earings 19th Century
Top view Burmese Shwebo Alabaster Buddha Statue dressed in royal regalia 19th Century
Back view Antique Burmese Alabaster Royal King Budda Statue 19th Century
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